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There are many ways in which aerial mast photography could benefit you. whether you are a private individual, a small business or a corporate organization. Highpix elevated photography services can be used for hundreds of different applications and delivers fantastic views and perspectives at a fraction of the cost of traditional airborne methods with the following benefits:

Images can be provided on CD-ROM on site for immediate delivery to the client.

A complete view of the subject from up to 25m (82ft) high.

A technically advanced vehicle mounted system for total mobility.

Ready to shoot in under 15 minutes with a minimum of disturbance to the nearby surroundings.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Roof Surveys

Property Marketing

Residential Property Sales
Commercial Property Sales
Off plan development.

Highpix image elevations from height, even over obstructions such as fences, walls or trees
View gardens, courtyards, outbuildings in the same picture
One photo tells the whole story

Property Development

Planning applications
Boundary disputes
Insurance claims
Site briefings
Site Development, Progress and Reporting

Highpix images show development sites from above before, during and after development

Property Maintenance

Roof and High Level Building Inspections

Highpix elevated photography can be invaluable for inspecting buildings quickly
and safely without the need for ladders or scaffolding

Private Property

A Highpix elevated photograph of your home will be sure to impress and can be
provided printed and framed if required.

Business Promotion

Garden Centre

Promote your Workplace or Business with Highpix high level images
showing the layout and location of your business.

Road Transport

Road Traffic accidents (RTA)
Insurance Claims
Route Risk Assessment
Accident Blackspots
Photographic Evidence


Crop plans
Subsidy applications
Footpath Disputes
Agricultural Shows


Road Traffic Accidents (RTA)
Insurance claims and investigations
Photographic Evidence
HSE Recording
Audit Support
Boundary Disputes

Highpix images can be used for legal issues and evidence


Outdoor events and Shows
Corporate events
Sporting Events

Highpix images can be used for post promotion and De-Briefs

Planning Applications and Issues

Planning applicationss
Boundary Disputes
Traffic Reports

Highpix images will help planners, architects and assessors overall understanding of the proposed scheme or dispute

Property Surveying & Conservation

Land purchase
Road design and junction planning
Grant applications
Architectural consultation
Historical archives

Highpix elevated photographs can be used to survey buildings without damage to
their fabric


Progress Recording
Site Appraisal

Recording site before, during and after dig
Record relationship of objects on site

Landscape and Garden Design

Pre-visualise Designs
Progress Recording

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